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Antevin Brown Creates Community Through TEV Designs.



And creative expression.

Are key components in Totally Exclusive Visual Designs, owner Antevin Brown had no idea this path was set for him ever since birth; at the age of 7, is when it all clicked.

His father would host events where he and his friends would come together, enjoying comic books, having conversations, and drawing. Curious about the experience Antevin eventually asked if he could join.

After creating his first drawing, everything connected at that moment; it was the look his father gave him with pride as he saw the talent, passion, and creativity in his first drawing. After that moment, although Antevin was a child, he realized that art would significantly impact his life.

Antevin gives much credit to his father for inspiring him and a teacher he had in high school, Mrs. Sellers, who encouraged him to look at his talent from a business perspective. She challenged him to find multiple ways to expand his art so he could not only help others but create something of his own.

In 2015, Antevin created TEV Designs to help and encourage local creatives to express themselves through art, design, and fashion. After searching for something like this himself and being unsuccessful, he decided to provide his community with resources through his company.

In July of 2021, after being tired and feeling unfilled, he quit his job to run TEV Designs full-time. He says, “If you have a creative mind doing something you don’t love is almost like torture or feeling like you are creatively trapped inside a box.”

When creating work for his customers and clients, Antevin hopes to bring out feelings and evoke emotion by giving his customers an organic, authentic, and emotional experience they can keep with them forever.

Antevin’s lifelong dream is to bring people together, just like his father did, creating community, support, and a space artist where can be creative.

For more information on Totally Exclusive Visual Designs, you can visit them online at

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