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Cat Ramos: A Creative Power House

By: Ciarra Williams



and fearless

All describe Ohio artist Cat Ramos and her work. Originally from Los Angeles, her family moved to Ohio when she was 7.

Being one of the first minority families in her neighborhood, she had no idea the impact she would make.

Having a strong sense of pride in her heritage, she calls herself “Mexi-Dorian as her father is Mexican and her mother is Salvadorian.

Her work is heavily inspired by her culture, along with her brother, who passed away 15 years ago.

She says he encouraged and pushed her to tap into her creativity.

One thing she admired most about him was his support.

” My brother is in all of the art I do.”

In every piece she does, she tries to honor his memory.

When asked when did, she realized Art would be an essential part of her journey?

She says she learned later in life, and becoming a mother helped put things in retrospect for her while working in corporate spaces; she did not belong in a typical day job.

With her being the first generation in her family to live the ” American dream,” she knew it would be hard for her parents to understand that Art, photography, and all things creative had become her safe place, and she was great at it.

She also knew becoming an artist would have challenges; however, producing Art was just something she was meant to do and create.

“If you are unhappy, you have to do something to change it.”

She started on Instagram and the roaming art shows, which helped a lot, and working vending events; galleries also began to offer her a chance to showcase her work.

Then, pushing forward with her career began to open doors and opportunities she has no idea would come her way.

If you are ever in the Columbus area, you can visit her at Mystic Market on the first and third Friday of every month.

Also, check out her recent mural with 934 Gallery.

It’s titled : Fifteen Years Of Grief.

“In Latinx culture, death is not the end but rather a new beginning. Therefore, we do not mourn; we celebrate the lives of our beloved”.

“My brother left this world unexpectedly 15 years ago on September 11th. His passing shook and forever changed me.

I’ve held on to this grief for all these years, but with this mural, I celebrate my brother’s life by transforming my grief into this beauty.”

-Cat Ramos

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram at

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