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By: Ciarra Williams

Bryn Cuzick wants everyone to experience a level of confidence and freedom, so she created Taj Hat Co.

The idea behind her beautiful designs is that your head is your crown; She says:

“Everyone is a hat person; it’s all about finding the right hat for Y O U and wearing it with a little bit of confidence. “


With her parents in the AirForce, Bryn grew accustomed to her family moving across the county and overseas.

Although she traveled to many places, she considers herself a California native; the style and culture of the area made a significant impact on her life.

Early on, Bryn was drawn to all things creative, especially art and music. So as a child, she would ask her mom to sign her up for classes that involved sewing and creating.

Little did she know she had begun to walk in her purpose very early with her gift of bringing things to life.

Bryn says hats can represent a physical level of confidence. Growing up mixed-race, she knew she didn’t always fit in;

When Bryn would go to a new place, she would try to force herself into the norms of her new environments.

“The more I knew myself, the more I figured out about myself, and over time I got more confident in myself.


Eventually, I had to embrace that I didn’t fit in; its beauty in being torn between two worlds.

You are a bridge and carry the gift of speaking the language of both sides. So there’s beauty in that.


We have all had our journey with self-confidence. But, we have to get there on our own”


After a trip to Malibu with her husband, where she saw local handmade hats and was very intrigued by their process and beauty, she began to research them.

Bryn loved hats her entire life but never thought to explore the method and art behind them.

Then, falling in love with the process of hat making and the challenge behind its creation, Bryn decided to start her company and hasn’t looked back since.

With the help of her husband, she officially launched Taj Hat Co in December 2020; what seemed to be the worst time to launch ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Bryn believes covid forced so many people to take time to reflect and ask themselves :

“Do I like what I do? If life is over tomorrow. Do I love how I spend my time?”

She thinks people had to get quiet enough to think about the choices they make. Bryn wants her customers to know.

You are worthy of attention,

you are worthy of being seen,

and everyone is royalty in their own right.


So if you feel inspired to walk in your truth, power, and confidence, visit Taj Hat Co. and find the custom hat that speaks your language at

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