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Local athleisure Brand Embraces Everyone

By: Ciarra Williams

Honey Fit embraces all bodies focusing on a healthy mind, body, and soul. Owner Kerrie Chaney’s mission was to create a brand that made everyone feel good about themselves.

She says, “If you feel good and look good, you will do good and hopefully live your best life.”

Kerrie’s brand is all about empowering women to be themselves with her slogan, “Be you, Be Well. Be Fit”

Honey Fit encourages women to be Unapologetic; to be well whatever wellness is for you, whether physical, mental, or spiritual wellness; Honey Fit supports all health.

Kerrie encourages women to be fit with whatever fitness level they choose, whether walking, personal training, or Zumba, whatever fitness looks like for them; she encourages her customers to live healthily.

The inspiration came from Kerrie wanting to create a line of leggings for curvy women like her.

 As she began to research and find items that she liked, the brand started to expand. Finally, it grew to a full clothing line instead of just leggings.

 Kerrie always makes sure her leggings have plenty of stretch to them. She prides herself on being cute and comfy.

 Honey Fit is an athleisure brand you can wear to work out or while running errands, getting coffee, and meeting with friends.

The passion behind the brand started once Kerrie stopped second-guessing herself and began to walk into her calling of helping women feel good through fitness after accomplishing her own weight-loss goals.

With a background in personal training, Kerrie saw the need to create Honey Fit to go along with her desire to help women grow and feel good on the inside and outside.

After contemplating creating Honey Fit due to fear and hesitation, she remembers the conversation that gave her the strength to walk into her destiny after talking with her grandmother.

 Her grandmother’s words were, “Life’s too short not to follow your dreams,” and that was all she needed to push her in the direction of working towards them.

With Honey Fit’s second anniversary approaching, Kerrie continues to help women with self-care, and wellness support, empowering them to transform and evolve into their higher selves.

For more information on Kerrie and Honey Fit you can visit her online at

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