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Local Boutique Encourages Women Through Faith & Fashion.

By: Ciarra Williams 

Divine Designs By Dee encourages women to be confident both professionally and personally.

The owner Dee Dee Lue officially opened in June 2021; she says had it not been for God’s plan, she could not have imagined opening her shop. 

With a background in education, Dee Dee had no idea God would allow her to expand her skill sets and help women in this way. Dee Dee says the idea came from Mrs. Ruby Holt – a mentor and retired teacher.

She has always been instrumental in my life. Even before I went into teaching during college, she had a boutique at her home.

 Mrs. Ruby had more of an “interest” and a “hobby” to help women she knew (family and friends) in her home. 

 The challenge I faced was taking her idea and establishing an actual business, building a foundation from the beginning that reflected my vision on a global level for consumers. 

 I want to give Mrs. Ruby credit for the inspiration, but I also want to convey the message of hard work and faith. Even with blessings, we still are required to work hard. “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead being alone” James 2:17

Divine Designs By Dee is a new beginning for me, representing a complete transformation of my life and God’s plan to use me in a way to help women.

In creating my Boutique, It took me time to establish. I spent most of 2020 developing my brand & the time, work, effort, and financial cost was great. 

Divine Designs By Dee will honor God first, creating a ministry for women, giving them the tools needed to be their best version of themself in the image of God.

I want to provide more of a personal experience where it’s intimate and inclusive, where shoppers feel appreciated and valued.

Dee Dee wants her customers to know when you shop with Divine Designs. By Dee, they are not just a number or about sales, but her boutique focuses on developing a relationship and representing the love from God.

I want an approachable fashion brand. When we see fashion often, it’s usually not affordable and overpriced; fashion needs to be approachable or reasonable also

Many of us have been conditioned and flooded with so many images of women that are revealing, and the level of modesty and sophistication is underrated. So I created my boutique, hoping to change that narrative.

Your first impression means so much. Divine Designs By Dee hopes to be inspirational and help women present themselves in a way that is beautiful and at their best.

For more information on Divine Designs By Dee or her mission, please visit her website online at

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