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Mande Goods Brings Africa’s Rich culture to Cincinnati.

By: Ciarra Williams

Owner Ali Coulibaly brings Africa’s rich culture to your home through Mande Goods. Located in Madisonville, Ohio, Mande Goods offers unique curated handmade items.

When opening Mande Goods, Ali wanted to focus on home décor, tying it to everyday lifestyle. In addition, he felt passionate about connecting African culture to more African Americans, so he opened a place where Africa’s hard work and beauty can be seen and appreciated.

Originally from Mali, Ali would often return home bringing many handmade items to Cincinnati; noticing the lack of African retail stores, he decided to open Mande Goods. Art and design have a significant impact on African culture. Ali says:” the more we know about ourselves, the better.”

Bringing the hard word and curated products to Cincinnati offers access to the stories of how proud and rich the culture is, adding an educational aspect to Mande Goods. Ali loves to share the history of each item he carries, along with the time and effort put into each product.

Ali hopes to change the stereotype that is often associated with African culture by shedding light on the people and the beautiful work created in many parts of Africa.

Many of the items offered by Made Goods are handmade with organic materials that tell a story of strength, dignity, creativity, and integrity.

Mande Goods has a wide range of products from jewelry, mod cloth, rugs, blankets, pillowcases, hand-woven baskets, and more.


For more information on Made Goods, connect with them via social media and visit the store at 5901 Bramble Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

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