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Quinn Mcilhargey-Nicholson, pair’s functionality & creativity in her designs

By: Ciarra Williams

Quinn Mcilhargey-Nicholson, the owner of Baqette, a local online shop, is taking Cincinnati by storm with her ability to create leather goods. She says her journey began ten years ago. With a background in retail and her creative vision, she knew one day she would create something tangible and functional that could add value to the world.

After visiting her uncle’s furniture shop where he had leftover leather, she began practicing and creating designs with her grandmother’s sewing machine, which was gifted to her and the rest was history. Although Baqette was initially constructed in Michigan back in 2012 with something that began as a hobby in 2017, it would soon become a full-time business by the end of 2020.

The pandemic gave her time to refocus and evaluate her energy, providing her with the chance to take a leap of faith and pursue an idea she contemplated within herself for several months before deciding to leave her job and run baqette full time.

Quinn’s inspirations derive from her love of creating things people could use in their everyday lives. Her products’ color play and designs come from her love of food, traveling, and meeting new people. Her inventory on leather changes based on what she can get.

She feels passionate about encouraging others to take a chance on themselves. She say’s “If you have a passion, keep exploring it, especially if it lights a fire inside of you. “Keep going; you never know where it will take you.” If she can inspire anyone, she is here for it.  Quinn says, “Starting a business can be a different process for each person. Everyone does it differently. Baqette was something she nourished for many years.

Creating a business takes time, energy, and planning, but it’s not impossible. The more community behind you, the better. Quinn says. Cincinnati’s creative culture drew her in, giving her the opportunity and creative space to grow organically. Who knew something that began as an idea and side job would become a full-time business that would make a significant mark in Cincinnati.

Baqutte’s website will be relaunching at the end of the month with many new products. In addition, Quinn is open to taking custom orders. Baqette often participates in local pop-ups and will be at the crowd-pleaser this Saturday, August 7, 10-6 @ Wood Burn Brewery.

For more information, you can visit her Instagram: and or shop online:

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