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Rogue Garms – From Instagram to Stanton Street, New York

By: Meredith Eldred

Emma Rogue founded this vintage resale store with humble beginnings on the resale app, Depop, and social platform Instagram.

 Now it boasts a brick-and-mortar location in the Bowery area of New York City, at 53A Stanton Street. 

As a vintage resale company, they find gems online and in thrift stores and make carefully curated collections to resell to their customers. 

Rogue started on Depop and Instagram, selling clothes and accessories before they gained enough attention and customers to begin a location in Manhattan.

 In the words of Emma Rogue herself, “people were fighting over these pieces, so I just started selling from my closet and buying to resell,” this went on for the majority of 2019. 

Come 2020, when she joined TikTok, her name began to grow. She made a TikTok showing how she packaged her Depop orders, and the rest is history. 

While increasing her social media presence, she sold at street fairs and flea markets to grow the in-person aspect of her brand. 

While they added the physical location, Rogue still exists as a website on Depop and Instagram for purchasing.

Emma Rogue started the business all herself, and over time has grown to include a team of 6 others. Her team ranges from social and content creation to those operating the store. 

Thanks to social media and her devoted followers, she can advertise and reach new audiences daily. 

Moving from Depop/Instagram to a brick-and-mortar location took a lot of time and effort, but what helped was that Emma is from New Jersey and had a short trip to where she wanted to settle as well as a supportive team. 

Generation Z has a current obsession with thrifting and vintage clothing. Rogue Garms is fulfilling this desire for more curated options with specific brands and looks that are popular. 

Rogue has all the trendy brands from the late 90s and early 2000s that members of Gen Z are searching for and even has some designer labels on the racks. 

Rogue Garms has pop-up shops and events almost every weekend. Whether they feature small local designers or are working with their neighbors, 

The Bowery Showroom, Rogue, constantly supplies the city with exciting art and fashion.

 For example, they recently curated a unique collection with New York native designer Beepy Bella. 

If you are ever in Manhattan, stop by 53A Stanton Street to pick up some fantastic pieces and support a young entrepreneur.

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