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Andi Cakes brings your sweet dreams to reality

By: Ciarra Williams

 Having a sweet tooth you can’t seem to shake? Andi cake’s in Fairfield, Ohio, is here to make your bakery needs a reality.  

While they specialize in traditional Hispanic flavors, their multi-talented team takes pride in making each of their customer’s sweet dreams become a reality.

Aside from their custom cakes, they make an assortment of baked goods for any event made fresh daily. 

The idea behind Andi Cakes comes from family traditions that involved the Perez family baking pastries in the early mornings and having communion together. 

The Pasteles were their choice of sweets, and they brought the family together, invoking in conversations, laughter, and memories they hold onto forever. 

The Perez family took pride in those memories and decided to share the same experience with their customers, hoping their baked goods would receive a similar experience through Andi’s Cakes.

Watching their mom perfect her craft of baking whenever a celebration occurred from the way she mixed tres leches or the patience she took in everything she made.

The Perez family takes pride in any design they create, working in harmony to provide you with an assortment of fresh baked goods. 

They offer cheesecake, K-Pops (cake pops ), cupcakes, fruit, sweet and savory arrangements, and many more.

October will mark their first anniversary, which is a significant accomplishment for the Perez family.

 They look forward to creating more memorable experiences for all of their customers. Still in need of something sweet? Stop by for a bite or two, conveniently located off of Route 4 in Fairfield, Ohio.  

For more information on Andi cakes, visit them in the store or online via

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