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Fruleef Juicery promotes Health & Wellness

By: Ciarra Williams   

After all of the holiday eating, are you looking for some healthy options to help cleanse your body? Fruleef Juicery Co. offers organic fresh-pressed juice & tasty food snacks.

Initially opened in 2019, owner Nicole Howard loved fruits and vegetables. With her parent’s backgrounds in produce and farming, she was always in tune with nature and plants.

After going on a trip with her significant other and seeing a juicery, Nicole fell in love with the idea of juicing.

She says, “When I noticed how many sick people were coming to me. I never thought God would use me in this way to help others.

With her having a degree in Health Science and working in the health field for many years, caring about people was such an easy task.

She cares deeply about the health of others and physical health issues in the Black community, such as nutrition and obesity issues and diet-related disparities. So creating Fruleef was perfect.

Nicole didn’t know that she manifested her company years ago after a conversation with her niece, saying she would own a juicery herself one day.
What started in her kitchen has grown to have a complete list of clients and a commercial location.

What makes Fruleef so unique is that they can juice according to each customer.
Making sure they accommodate each person and their health needs.

” Our juice contains beneficial minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that you can’t get in a pasteurized juice.”

Nicole’s favorite aspect of her entrepreneurship has been learning people and interacting with customers daily.

She loves being able to help people; She can understand people better, which allows her better assist them with their nutritional needs while they are on their health journey.

“I am thankful I can be there. It helps me understand my purpose, and finding it through Juicing offers much more than that to my customers.
It’s been life-changing for me. I never knew God had this for me. “

For Nicole, she learned, you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You don’t know what they are going through.

“I never want to be judged. On the contrary, I try to find the good in people all the time. “

Not only does she help others through their health journey she has also become a support to several of her clients.

Nicole says one of the most significant parts of life is the need for community.

We need people by creating Fruleef Juicery Co. She has been able to help support so many different people from various backgrounds.

The more she began to grow, she found a passion in helping to provide resources and support, and knowledge on the physical health issues within the black community.

“Many Black families have not been taught the educational benefits of a healthy balanced diet, and this is something Nicole believes should have been taught.”

When listening to doctors, they often say things are hereditary. Nicole has learned the power of feeding your body all the good things we need to help fuel us, and she wants to share that with others.

It’s time to change the patterns that lead to sickness. For example, through my health issues, I realized I was eating wrong.

The most challenging part is making up your mind to change unhealthy habits.

I’m not saying never eat a slice of pizza; I’m just saying try to consume healthy options most of the time. It’s about balance and cleansing.

With the proper food and learning the appropriate ways of eating, healing will come. Once you understand that, it becomes effortless.

Things aren’t always hereditary. It’s due to the lack of what we have been taught and what we have access to.

Unfortunately, it’s not a lot of healthy food options that taste good in Black communities, and Nicole hopes to change that with Fruleef Juicery co.

Fruleef Juicery offers cold-pressed juices, vitality shots, cleanse packages, smoothies, and more.

Fruleef Juicery offers cold-pressed juices, vitality shots, cleanse packages, smoothies, and more. For more information, check out her website @ 

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