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Sweet Mae’s Cookies Brings Southern Flavors of Love To Your Home.

By : Ciarra Williams

With the holidays soon approaching, are you in need of some sweet treats? Sweet Mae’s cookies bring southern flavors of love to your home.

With cooking in her lineage, owner Tiffany Biddle knew the recipes and love made through her great grandmother’s baked goods would be a success to anyone who tried them, and the idea of Sweet Mae’s Cookies came to life.

Ever since she could remember, Tiffany would help her great grandmother with baking, and it came very naturally to her.

Hence, it made sense the day she realized it was her turn to pass down cooking and baking shared to her through five generations of strong women.

With the help of her husband and family, Tiffany has been able to make Sweet Mae’s into its success today.

As they officially reached their first year in business In September, she says her family’s support is what gave her the confidence to bring this vision to life.

She recalls the moment that changed everything forever when she received an order from Netflix with 16,000 cookies. With such a huge order, her family flew down to help her; it was then they realized the potential of the business and mother encouraged her pursue it full-time.

With Tiffany being a wife, mother, and a business owner of two successful businesses, we asked her how she does it all, and she said:

“Balance, you have to make time for Balance; it’s required.”

“I have always been good at setting limits and boundaries, which has been vital to my success.”

In the future, Sweet Mae’s plans to continue the expansion of the brand. As of right now, they are in one of Meijer’s fresh market stores, and the goal is to get into other supermarkets.

If you are looking for homemade cookies stuffed with love, legacy, and a southern twist, then Sweet Mae’s cookies have you covered with an assortment of flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

While they do have a lot of flavors, they are not all available at the same time. However, they have three staple flavors available to you throughout the year, including Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk, Rainbow Sprinkle Celebration, and Lemon White Chip.

Sweet Mae’s offers something different, unique, and culturally new to the Midwest, giving Ohio a southern presence and stamp of the south, creating a great addition to Cincinnati.­.

To purchase a batch of cookies or more information on Sweet Mae’s, you can visit them online at

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