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8 Sunscreens for Deeper skin tones

Many of us have heard many misconceptions about proper skin care for generations.

Unfortunately, with the number of opinions on sunscreen, it can be hard to identify what’s true and what isn’t.

Article By: Ciarra Williams
Posted : 6/15/22

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The release your Muscles have been asking for

Are you looking for a different way to get your self-care in this week?

Are you tired of feeling tight? And knotted muscles? Stretch lab offers a unique way to help release the built-up tension in your body.
Everyone’s mobility, flexibility, and health journey are different.

Article by: Ciarra Williams

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Skin by Brownlee & Co.  just announced its New Acne Body collection and we are here for it. 

Skin by Brownlee & Co. Releases a new Acne Body Collection and we are here for it.

The new product line was inspired by many of Sylvia’s acne prone clients who experienced challenges in their face but also other areas of their bodies.

Article By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

Posted: 3/10/22

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Why I love Target’s Black History Collection

As much as anyone I love Target, it’s become one of my favorite shopping places to go where I trick myself into thinking I will make a quick trip after coming out almost an hour later.

 Every time I say I am just going to get five things, I come out with a cart filled with almost everything, and sometimes I even forget why I came there in the first place.

Article by: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

Posted : 2/25/22

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Self Care All Year

Are you dreading Valentine’s day? Some say it’s the worst day for singles, but I like to also think of it as a day of self-love and appreciation.

While it’s nice to have someone, it’s also essential to make yourself feel good. 
By Managing Editor: Ciarra Williams

Posted: 2/14/22

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Black Beauty Brands to support all 365 days a year

Representation has always been important in black culture because not all brands work for women of color.

Still, studies have shown how essential it has been to see entrepreneurs and brands that represent the true embodiment of Black women.

Article By Managing Editor: Ciarra Williams

Posted: 2/3/22

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November was National Healthy skin month, but we love these tips moving into December, too.

The cold weather combined with food, drink and late nights that come with the holiday season can wreak havoc on your skin.

Posted: 12/2/21

By: Ciarra Williams

In paid partnership with: The Scout Guide Cincinnati

Photos by: Photo: Ross Van Pelt

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