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Boujee Bar: Helps to heal your mind, body, and spirit

By: Ciarra Williams

Are you in need of a self-care day but not quite sure when you’ll find the time to plan it into your schedule? Boujee Bar Skincare offers affordable options in the convenience of your home.

Owner Havilah Asher’s mission is to combine luxury and self-care in all of her products. Each product has all natural ingredients based on plants and water. The idea initially came from her desire to find options that would provide relief to her seasonal eczema. She says her products not only helped her, but they have been vital to many of her customers. Havilah says “entrepreneurship is challenging; however, she has learned to embrace it”.

  Her journey has been very humbling, it has had its many ups and downs but she has learned so many things about herself in growing mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

One of her greatest joys has been the feedback she has received from others. It gave her the ability to tap into her creative side along with loving herself in the process.

Because of soaping, she began developing a love for plants that she had not realized she had. She says, “when you feel good, you look good.”

Building her brand has provided a sort of healing she never knew existed. Havilah feels empowered to have something of her own, and the Pandemic allowed her to take her soap to the next level. She started with friends and family and had faith in herself. Not knowing this would change her future for the better.

With her brand, she wants her customers to know the same luxury you receive at a spa can be achieved at home, especially when taking the time to focus on yourself. She wants her products to help women honor themselves by focusing s on their self-care. In doing so, it gives you a different kind of freedom.

 Water is a critical ingredient in all of her products. She believes it is symbolic and provides several healing properties. Her products range from cold-pressed soaps, massage oil, body butters, and so much more, helping to provide peace to your mind, body, and spirit.

For more information, please visit her Instagram:

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Owner: Havilah Photo By- Ciarra Williams

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