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Chelsea Alford Honors her mother’s Legacy through Montoniea’s Tea.

By: Ciarra Williams



And legacy

They are all embedded in each of the teas made by Montoniea’s Tea. The idea for their business came during a transitional lifestyle phase when owner Chelsea and her mother Mary were diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.

Chelsea was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, while her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The two decided to make a permeate lifestyle change and embarked on a journey to make healthier choices and find natural teas.

While researching the benefits of drinking tea, they found that drinking it offered several benefits as well as providing much relief, and it tasted good. As time went on, drinking tea helped Chelsea and her mother feel better in her final days.

In 2020 Mary passed away after her fight with cancer. With the help of friends and family, Chelsea continued her mother’s legacy with Montoniea’s Tea.

Montoniea’s tea is vital to Cincinnati because many people can connect to Chelsea and her mother’s relationship through their teas.

In addition, Chelsea says many people prefer tea over coffee, and the flavors that she carries are vibrant and like no other, which gives her customers something new and exciting to try.

In the future, Chelsea has plans of expanding Montoniea’s Tea, having Tea shops all over Kentucky and Ohio as she feels tea can be underrated, and it is a very relaxing natural drink that many still enjoy.

If Chelsea could offer anyone advice, it would be first to find something you like then go for it. The fear of failing can be scary; however, you can’t grow if you don’t fail.

She says” if you are going to do something, do it at 110% and if you fail, realize failure makes you stronger”.

Montoniea’s menu offers eight teas, infusers, and sample packs. Chelsea’s favorite menu item would be Meeting of the Mints. She loves how the tea boosts your energy and brightens your day; she likes to drink it with a splash of honey.

Montoniea’s tea plans to offer seasonal teas with the holidays coming soon. Chelsea also has plans to sell her tea soon in local shops.

For more information on Montoniea’s Tea, you can shop online

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