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Everyone is Cozy in The Living Room

By : Ciarra Williams

Are you in need of a place to work on your business goals? The Living Room offers creative meeting space for business owners and other corporate working clients. 

While they focus on creating an environment that sparks your passion and inner fire to conquer your career goals, they also offer a space for consumer research.

Officially opening in 2012, this father-son lead business has grown into a space where all employers can benefit from whether you need a comfy yet creative place to conduct research or just the office place to spark your passion.

While The Living Room team is small, they have a passion for people and spaces. They are going the extra mile with the mission to leave people better than they found them. It’s a very wholesome ethical business.

With a full range of benefits from whiteboards, meeting Supplies, draft Beer on Tap, fresh locally made Kombucha from Skinny Piggy Kombucha.

They even have a massive unique slide you can go down if you need to lighten and brighten your day. So along with free off-street Parking + two parking lots, a stunning rooftop deck, and Community Building Events, what’s stopping you from coming by and visiting? 

The Living Room is the perfect co-working environment to help promote productivity and amplify your unique gifts convenient for everyone with a centralized location in Norwood, Ohio. 

The Living Room is happy to host your next business meeting, offering everything you need from catered food, office supplies, and more.

Everyone is cozy in The Living Room. For more information on The Living Room and the services they provide, you can visit them online at

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