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Grace and Grit Spreads God’s Love Through Touch

By: Ciarra Williams

Spreading the love of God through touch is an essential mission 

 to Crystal Grace. 

Her journey of healing and self-care have been vital to Grace and Grit’s success but, most importantly, God. 

While working in her career for over 19 years, she mastered the ability to give excellent customer service; however, she never took the time to experience self-care.

Crystal says:

How we take care of ourselves now is how we will perform in the long run.

Of course, we want the best for our children, but as a society, we teach them to put others first, pushing them towards work that can leave them depleted.

With Crystal experiencing a tragic event from work, it left her with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

 She began to seek natural ways to heal her body after receiving a facial for the first time; it changed her life.

During the facial crystal recall’s hearing God’s voice telling her:

“This is the way I want you to serve.” 

Not knowing how she would accomplish this, she had to walk by faith, and God handled the rest. 

She quit her job within six weeks and went into esthetics. When Crystal received the Spa’s vision from God, she said its purpose was to serve, build, and provide a community to showcase God’s love through touch.

From that moment on, she began to do the work to create G+G.

When she started the Spa, Crystal wanted to hire someone with similar values and a passion for serving others, and God blessed her with Sha-Kim, a Massage therapist and one of the driving forces behind G+G’s success. 

When asked what makes Grace and Grit unique? Crystal said three things:

They operate in excellence

The consistency they give to their customers

They over-deliver on every interaction and never change.

With Crystal’s strong faith, she believes life will through you curve balls when it’s time to refocus and redirect to a higher purpose. 

She also believes that self-care should be an essential part of our everyday lives, looking to it as an outlet. 

People don’t realize how important it is to experience soul care and have your soul rest, and G&G provides that.

G+G offers facials, massages, and waxing services. They even provide a program to Cancer warriors, and their caregivers called What Love Does, which provides them with a service for free. 

Crystal and Sha-Kim continue to provide their customers with exceptional service that feeds into your skin, transforming your body & soul.

For more information on Grace and Grit, you can visit them online at

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