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Guiding Light Mentoring Inspires Local Youth To Achieve Success

By: Ciarra Williams

Guiding Light Mentoring is a local organization specializing in providing Greater Cincinnati youth with resources and long-term connections they can keep with them forever.

Founded by Latisha Owens in 2014, she says it was part of her calling to make an organization like GLM. 

With her background in case management, she wanted to create something organic that was a need in the community. 

GLM provides:

  • Community-based mentoring, 
  • Leadership summer programs.
  • Tutoring
  • And a plethora of youth summits.

Their mission is to provide youth with guidance, support, and encouragement to make positive decisions helping them to lead a successful life for themselves and the community. 

 GLM hopes to create a substantial generation that can give back those same lessons and values they have been taught and share them with others.

When Latisha started out GLM, she had five mentors and five mentees with no budget.  

She used this to fuel her and her firm belief that her company would be a success, using her own money to support her organization, and over time it grew into what it is today. GLM has served more than 450 youth.

Next month they will host their annual Igniting Future leaders gala, which celebrates the youth and honors the Mentors that play a vital role in the lives of each mentee in Cincinnati. 

GLM values relationships, their programs are proof along with the success of the youth they support.

For more information on donating, volunteering, or their annual gala, please visit their website at

Photo From Guiding Light

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