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By: Ciarra Williams

Roberta Staley is encouraging women to tap into their power providing natural resources to heal their bodies, so she opened Feminine Divine.

Her company focuses on healing, self-transformation, and spiritual awakening.

After going through her own experiences of losing her mother, suffering from anxiety and depression, Roberta began seeking natural ways to heal her body.

She came across prayer, meditation, and Yoni steaming. For Roberta, she was intrigued by the benefits of womb healing and its positive properties to help women become centered and come back to them.

After having success with it herself, she figured why not create a space for women of healing. So she began to do the proper research to find what herbs were good for the body and help promote healing.

Roberta officially launched Feminine Divine in January 2019 and received much support from friends, family, and the community.

She found many women suffering from similar issues like ph balance, pregnancy, period pain, cramping, or heavy bleeding, and Yoni steaming offered many excellent results.

What started as a small business in her house has grown where she now has a location where she hosts yoni parties and even offers Yoni steaming kits you can take home at your leisure.

Roberta has many items that can help any woman offering services that help with trauma, fertility, basic detoxing, and chronic pain.

Roberta also offers a service where you can receive a foot bath that helps release toxins naturally from your feet and softens them.

What makes her business unique is her ability to not only provide exceptional customer service, but she understands that all women suffer in silence at some point in their lives.

Roberta knows so many women wear several hats, and sometimes it’s just hard to feel like yourself again, so she saw the need for Feminine Devine in the community.

Feminine Divine helps empower, inspire, and uplift women through some of life’s most critical, challenging aspects.

Roberta says she wants women to know she not only offers a community and place of healing, but Feminine Divine offers a scarred place of Godestry where you can connect to all that you are.

She sells smudging kits, feminine liquid wash, vulva cleaning bars, rooted goddess yoni oil, vulva wipes, vibe cleansing mist, teas, body butter, and even skin glow bars, all naturally curated by Roberta.

With the holidays approaching, Roberta has plans to add more products such as body scrubs, head wraps, soap savers, and mystery boxes.

In the future, she plans to create her brand of natural pads and pantiliners for women.

She even wants to lead a seminar and sister circle to teach women about the correct herbs for healing, sound healing, womb healing, and releasing all that does not serve us.

Roberta also is a doula and has successfully helped deliver three healthy babies since starting her business.

In other words, Roberta is a master healer using her gift of healing to help other women master the art of letting go of life’s negativity while honoring themselves at the same time.

So many women can bond over reproductive issues, and Feminine Divine is here to help women heal together collectively.

For more information on womb healing and cleansing your body visit Feminine Divine online at

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