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Black Owned Businesses that support Self-care & Mental Health

By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

If we are honest, we have had days where we want to throw in the towel and stay in bed all day. However, with the everyday stresses life can bring, we could use a self-care day or week.

When life becomes overwhelming, we often push away the importance of stillness and honoring all that we are.

We find just about any excuse not to prioritize ourselves from time to time; how can we nourish others around us when our glass is half full?

If you can’t get away until you take your yearly trip just yet, try visiting some of the below local Black-owned businesses that will bring self-care right where you are.

  • Pause Cincinnati:
  • Wellness center located on Short Vine. This local gem recently celebrated its second anniversary. Pause is best known to offer Juice, candles, Plants, crystals, jewelry and gifts, and more.
Photo from Pause

Self Love water helps provide the community with natural mineral water to better ourselves and the people around us.

Photo from Self Love

A local safe space for those looking to develop and strengthen others through skillsets learned.

Photo from Poppy’s Corner LLC.
  1. Diamyn’s Crystal Bar:
    Owned by Diaymn, her mission has been to help others by connecting them through crystals and educating others on their healing properties. You can purchase products at Pause Cincy or online.
Photo from Diamyn’s Crystal Bar
  1. Simply Sol:
    Created by founder and CEO Marie, her natural soy candles are handcrafted to create an intentional self-care zone.
Photo by: Simply Sol Care
  1. Grace and Grit Skin:
    Owned and operated By Crystal Grace. Crystal believes self-care should be essential to our everyday lives: grace and Grit offer everyone self-care and a place of relaxation.
Image by Grace & Grit
  1. Honey Fit Brand:

Honey Fit embraces all bodies focusing on a healthy mind, body, and soul.
Owner Kerrie Chaney’s mission was to create a brand that made everyone feel good about themselves, no matter their shape.

Photo By Honey Fit Brand
  1. Gifts Of Anise:

Monthly themed gift boxes that promote love and joy through gifts for you or your loved ones.

Photo by Gifts Of Anise
  1. Root Seeds & Oils:

Local shop that provides alternative options to improve your overall health.

Photo By Root Seeds& Oils
  1. Create or Conform:
    Local Retail company that showcases beauty and pride through jewelry and clothes.
Photo by Create or Conform
  1. Mantunda Juicery Co:

Fresh pressed juice provides culture & wellness in every jar. You can find them at Pause Cincy.

Photo By: Matunda Juicery
  1. Eliaqua LLC:

The detox water company is known to provide fruit-flavored waters supporting your body’s natural needs.

Photo by: Eliqua LLC

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