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KoKo offers fun ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle

By: Ciarra Williams

The idea for KoKo came to owner Adria Hall when she noticed the lack of sustainable living options in Ohio and throughout the Midwest were extremely limited.

 The inspiration for KoKo comes from Adria’s mom. She took many practices and lessons she learned from her childhood into adulthood without even realizing everything came full circle for her.

The concept of a refillery isn’t new; it’s a way many people use to shop. Adria felt there were tons of recourses for better eating options, but what about your other everyday living products?

 With this question, Adria made Koko. Something that began as a solution: a lack of convenient resources to live a more sustainable lifestyle transformed into an online shop, with 5 locations in Columbus, OH, Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY & Cincinnati, Oh. 

 It’s no question that Koko made a significant impact ever since they hit the Midwest market; as they continue to expand, they have no plans of stopping anytime soon. When walking into any KoKo Store or online, you notice vibrant colors. Adria loves to incorporate her personality through each product.

What’s impressive about this is everything is plastic-free but also reduces waste; the store and their online shop have everything you need. Koko thrifts a lot of items giving it much of a homey, warm feeling when you visit.

Not only do they provide sustainable living, but the environment is very approachable, allowing the experience to be friendly, personal, and educational. In addition, team Koko takes care of each customer, treating them like a family creating a community attached to shopping by design.

Adria’s advice to future entrepreneurs is to give yourself the resources with some community or a person who aligns with your personal beliefs. Finding these communities while doing research has been key to her success.

She also recommends creating something you would want to wake up every morning and do. She lives and breathes Koko, making her products, stores, and the experience super authentic to her customers.

Koko offers refillery items you can bring your bottle and purchase as little or as much as you need. They also offer all things complimentary for the face, body, hair, and even home products.  For more information on the Koko visit them via social media on Facebook and Instagram or online @

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