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Local Mobile Book Store connecting Young Readers to stories

By: Ciarra Williams

Cincy book bus owner Melanie Moore knows the power of storytelling, so she made it her mission to get books in the hands of children who need them the most.

After 25 years of teaching in various inner-city schools and seeing the lack of tangible resources, she dedicated her career to empowering and inspiring readers to experience the joy of owning books.

Since books had been a vital part of her life, she knew she wanted to provide a space where readers could access them, but how would she get books in the hands of those readers?

After reading Parnassus on Wheels, a book about a fictional traveling book-selling business.

It inspired her to create a mobile bookstore using her vintage 1962 Volkswagen Pickup truck to connect with readers all over.

Melanie takes the profits she earns and buys children’s books for schools in low-income areas to help build classroom libraries and allow students to experience the joy of reading.

She also understands how important it is that children see themselves in their books, which encourages them to connect to stories.

Melanie primarily sells adult Fiction: and some children’s and middle-grade young adult books.

We asked Melanie what her advice would be to someone starting their business, and she said, “Go for it. She has met people who want to do things like she is doing.

You have to create something unique to you. People will feel the authenticity when you’re creating something that is only you and inspired by your passions and ideas.

Then, at some point, you have to jump and do it. People get scared where they don’t jump.”

If you have a passion for reading, The Cincy Book bus also has a national book club with a private group on Facebook for its members to receive a monthly book, tea, and bookmark, all specially made.

She can often get the author of the book to meet with the group via zoom.
In addition, Melanie hosts events and online orders through social media.

With her third anniversary approaching next month, Melanie continues to hit her goal of donating books each year to children in need.

For more information on Cincy, Book Bus, visit them online at

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