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Queen’s Village Amplifies the voices of Black Women

By: Ciarra Williams

Queen’s Village Amplifies the voices of Black women through community, Originally an initiative of Cradle Cincinnati. This collective organization helps fight high rates of infant mortality that commonly affects Black women.

Their mission is to shed light, support, and a safe place through many events, providing community & outreach throughout Cincinnati and beyond.

While they offer several events year-round, Queens Village will host their second annual In Her Voice Concert at Ziegler Park this Saturday, September 25, 2021.

The event celebrates the lowest infant mortality rate of Hamilton county Black infants on a record 10.6 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2020.

In Her, Voice is not only a celebration but proof that when Black women come together, they make things happen. Queens Village encourages Cincinnati to celebrate wins like this collectively as a community.

“When you place Black women in the front lines, things happen.”

This year’s concert theme is “Black Women for the Win.” What’s so vital about Hamilton County’s Black Infant mortality rate?

2020 was the first time since 1994 that Hamilton County’s Black infant mortality rate was lower than the national average. While Queens village events are typically for Black women only, the organization is changing the narrative calling the entire community to come out for this great cause and impressive win.

In Her Voice Concert is a call to action inviting allies to become advocates, challenging them to be a voice in the fight against Black infant mortality. The allies’ call to action would be to listen to black women, volunteer at events like this, believe in black women, and pay them for their labor.

Activism + Allyship is empowerment as well.

Nasty Nati Brass Band, DJ Apryl Reign, and MC Jori An Cotton. T dance, and poetry from several national Black women artists and activists. There will also be many vendors and food trucks from local Black-owned businesses, providing several resources such as wellness products helping to celebrate Black women and this victory.

For more information on Queens Village, their events, programs, or to volunteer information, go to their website at:

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