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Self Care All Year

By : Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

Are you dreading Valentine’s day? Some say it’s the worst day for singles, but I like to also think of it as a day of self-love and appreciation. While it’s nice to have someone, it’s also essential to make yourself feel good. 

With all the love that will be going around today, I wanted to make sure whether you are single or in a relationship,  you know how unique and special you are . If you have a Valentine or not; here are self-care tips you can practice today and always 

Treat yourself to something nice

Top Picks:

June Bug Jewelry :

Matte Rhodonite Love Bracelet 

Candle from Manitou – 064 Lov

Crystal from Diamyns Crystal Bar

Buy yourself some flowers, sweet treats, or wine

Top Picks:

The Park Pour

has Sweet Heart To Go Bundles 

With Daisy Jane’s Bouquets 

Ruby’s Chocolates

Macaron’s from LE Macaron Liberty

Take a moment for you

Top picks:

Draft up positive affirmations 

Mediate and practice stillness 

Reorganize something or release things that no longer serve you.

Treat yourself to lunch

Top Picks :

  1. Cork N Crust Bellevue

The perfect lunch location with gourmet pizza and wine bar in one

  1. Revolution Rotisserie’
  1.  Brunch at NorthStar Cafe

Regardless of your relationship status, you deserve to feel loved and adored, so why not do something for you. Sending you love, light, and joy today and always.

Ciarra 💕

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