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THE CULTIVATED. SPACE Welcomes Creatives

By: Ciarra Williams

Are you looking for a place you can tap into your creative gifts? Then, the
Cultivated Space encourages you to come and visit.

This local treasure is owned and operated by Cris Sudberry & Taylor Higgins.

With both women being spiritually aware of their gifts and talents, they often searched for a place to cultivate and create but noticed no place like this was available. Hence, the idea for the Cultivated Space came to life.

Knowing they both had much to offer, they began to manifest the business combining their talents of photography, art, and their love for healing and wellness.

So it made sense to open a place for creatives by creatives.
The Cultivated Space is a retail shop that features all kinds of hand-picked, handcrafted, and curated products made with love and great intention.

While they offer the above, they encourage people to cultivate, create, grow their business, and network.

Using the Cultivated Space as a place, other innovative thinkers can build community.

Both Cris and Taylor know how important it is to help others feel closer to their higher self. So they not only promote this but display it when they give photoshoots.

For Taylor, it’s beautiful to see someone who feels tense at the beginning of a shoot re-center themselves and allow that confidence to show back again.

For Cris being intentional about what she does has been a vital part of her journey. She say’s “We are a part of the earth. Self-healing, you can not seek others for that you have to find it within you.”

Both women give credit to their sisterhood. Its something extraordinary about the chemistry and what they have together and how they provide for their customers. It’s unmatched.

They also host tons of pop-ups, classes, and events; most notably, both women want customers to know, it’s a little bit of something special for each person that visits you will leave with something, even if it’s just the vibe.

The cultivated Space is more than a store, more than a space, but a small piece of the universe everyone should experience.

For more information on them, please visit their website at

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