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Where to take your pets this summer: Best Dublin Dog Parks!

By Nancy Taguiam

Ohio has some of the best places for summer activities. Fun in the sun means spending time with our loved ones and our pets. Below are five dog parks to help your dog’s burn off some energy. 

#1 Antrim Park

Located around a beautiful vast lake, Antrim offers shade, gravel walking paths, and bike lanes. This park does have a strict leash policy. If your dog is adventurous, they can hop in for a swim, leash-free.

 The main entrance to the park has a large patio, which can be used for fishing and spotting swans or hanging out with friends. Overall this park of 120 acres is a great place to run, cool off, and have some fun.


#2 Godown Dog Park 

This gorgeous dog park is near Preppy Pet Boarding. Godown Dog Park reopened June 1st after being shut down for covid restrictions. The park includes open spaces for dogs to roam and play freely. The park also has a drinking fountain for canines and separate entrances for large and small dogs. “The small dog area is approximately one -acre. The large dog park is four-and-a-half acres.” The park has large shaded trees which cool off dogs and people alike. Walking trails and benches are included for easy lounging while your pet plays the day away. 


#3 Heritage Dog Park

 This dog park has a seven-mile bike and walking trail with the Alum Creek River nearby. Dogs and owners alike can enjoy the peaceful quiet aesthetic of the area. This off-leash park provides three plastic pools to hose your dog off in the summer heat, one water fountain, and a shaded awning to cool off.


#4 Alum Creek Dog Park 

Near the open water, the Alum Creek dog park flourishes with fun. Its dog beach is a top spot to spend time with your dog. The Alum dog park also has separate entrances for large and small dogs in their 4-acre park. The beach to the right side of the small dog park. It also holds a great view of the boats cruising by. This dog park is sure to win pooch and owner over! 


#5 Glacier Ridge Dog Park

Located in Glacier Ridge Metro Park, this dog park of 2.5 acres comes complete with a fenced-in, spacious area. Due to safety measures, an owner may not have more than three dogs at a time when entering the dog park. Our furry four-legged friends are also able to go through obstacle courses such as ramps and winding paths. Water fountains are also available to stave off the summer heat. 


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