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Being a Woman Again

By: Christen Figg

So many times, I’ve been asked what it is I want in a man, and the answer is simple, yet so complex, I want the one that’ll let me be a woman again.
Let you be a woman again, you ask? Yes, that’s exactly what I said; I am in search of the man that’s strong enough to embrace my brokenness.

The one that’ll allow me the freedom to be soft and vulnerable in his hands, the one I don’t have to put up walls with to protect what lies within
The guy who knows when I gift him my essence, it comes with pain and emotion, the one who knows that he’s entered my flow and anticipates the commotion.

One that doesn’t need to test my endurance of hurt and pain, the one that views my scars as beauty and not as damage and stain
The one who knows my tough shell is just a product of journey, the one who knows I’ll let it break for the being solid enough to earn me

The one that awaits the fullness of my being after we’ve intertwined our souls, the one that will clinch my interworking’s with all of him, with no intentions of letting go.
The one that sees far beyond the person this world has turned me into, the one created with the innate ability to have a different view

So, when I’m asked the question about the qualities I seek in a man. The answer will always be simply complex, the one who allows me to be a woman again.

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