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My Future Love

By: Cherish Smith

I am forever sitting and thinking about you

Whoever you may be

But you haven’t felt the need to present yourself to me

I am already mystified by you

And the exchange of our minds is long overdue

I know our interactions will be like déjà vu

Because you were already designed just for me

That’s a deep notion

To think that we were chosen to be

I from your rib

Because of the unconditional love you will provide me

Your kind words will delicately put my heart back together piece by piece

As my faith in your ability to love me will increase

All my pent-up love I will be able to release

Because I’m no longer dealing with disturbances of my peace

You are my peace and I yours

Because that type of love cures

Allow my words to dance across your cerebral

And manifest in your heart

I will be your beginning and you’ll be my end

We won’t be able to be told apart

Like Yin and Yang, we are balanced

Our need to run for fear of being hurt will be silenced

Because there’s no hidden agenda filled with malice

Dysfunction will not be demonstrated here

Love will live here

Peace will live here

Understanding will live here

Growth will live here

Communication will live here

Because of the absence of fear

Future love, understand that not all the time will we see eye to eye

But I promise not to crucify you for your mistakes

As long as you man up when it comes time to tell the truth

Because you shouldn’t be willing to put our love at stake

You see, our union is one of give and take

Therefore, we might bend, but we’ll never break

Don’t lose hope in me if at times I attack you for how you made me feel

It’s the aftershocks of what I had to deal with

But the love will never waiver because the love placed in my heart by God is real

Future love, please don’t entertain these hoes

I’m really not trying to come to blows

Or like Luda said, “Throw them bows!”

Cause I will without hesitation

I will go from your best friend to your greatest foe

I’ll be riding through the 6 with my woes

And well Drake already told you, you know how that shit goes

Starve them and feed me

And I’ll be more than you ever thought a woman could be

I’ll be your superwoman, your wonder woman, and your cat woman combined

But you have to feed my light and let it shine

You lead me and I’ll be your spine

The connection between man and woman so divine

As we carry out our lives’ purposes together

Our growth will be immeasurable giving us the ability to withstand any inclement weather

So, when you close your eyes, I hope you have visions of me

Because although I’m working on me and I have my eyes on the prize

It’s you that I see

Your face, once I see it, will forever be imbedded in my memory

So, when you are far from me, I can close my eyes and let the reality of you play out

My own personal documentary

Until then I will dream dreams, I patiently wait to come true

My future love

I love you

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