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WAP-Work and Progress

By: Niesha Drakeford 

I hear these women talking about WAP this and WAP that
Birkin bag this and Birkin bag that
As a matter of fact
I’m not concerned with all of that
I’m a piece of Work AND Progress
But my ex only saw the work, not the progress.
Excuse my confidence; this dopeness is too hard to digest!
I’m not perfect, and far from it
Plenty of times, I wanted to quit
I used to be ashamed to tell my story
God said it’s not about you but for MY GLORY
I’m not gon’ lie, Going through a Divorce was hard for me
but it didn’t break me; it made me and shaped me
Look at me now; I’m growing and glowing.
Beautiful black Queen with curls just a flowing!
Radiant brown skin contagious like Covid-19
Make it hard to breathe once you get a taste of me!
My skin color is what they WANT to be
they don’t want to see
Me overcome these obstacles that was created for we
Making it hard for my folks to rise to the top
Leaving us in the hands of these dirty cops
But like Maya Angelou Still, I rise
I had to go through hell to realize IM THE PRIZE!
Baby girl keep ya head up. Do you know what you possess??
Everything coming your way is better than any EX!
He didn’t see your worth and neither did you.
See, us women get tired of feeling like we got something to prove.
The misery of comparing ourselves to other women on ya timeline
Got me scratching my head, thinking, am I not fine??
It’s those secret insecurities we don’t talk about, we don’t discuss
Spending hours in the mirror with thoughts of disgust!
The last time I felt this way was when I found out my ex had a baby on me.
I thought this is not what marriage is supposed to be!
People I trusted turned on me!
Suddenly I was the bad guy, I was the blame
And none of them could feel my pain!
My days turned dark, pregnant with my daughter,
thoughts of abortion and suicide.
But God said don’t do it; you’ve got a gift inside.
I stayed and forgave cause I wanted my family
but the feelings wasn’t reciprocal
So I had to leave to maintain my sanity.
People didn’t like that either,
So I had to plea
Cause They’d rather see me mentally locked up
then to be free

Photo of: Niesha Drakeford- Motivation Speaker

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