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Being Authentically You

I have a passion for life, and I love to create. I moved to Las Vegas during the pandemic. I realized that if the world were going to end, I’d better start living now.

I was so afraid to put myself out there to be viewed, out of fear of being criticized, rejected, or ignored by others.

I had to change my mind to, what if someone connects with me and is inspired by my gifts? So with that in mind, I started sharing my creations online, and now my poem is on The Stories We Tell (T.S.W.T.)

Poem- By: Jacqueline Boyd
Posted : 10/24/21

Cat Ramos: A Creative Power House



and fearless

All describe Ohio artist Cat Ramos and her work. Originally from Los Angeles, her family moved to Ohio when she was 7.

Being one of the first minority families in her neighborhood, she had no idea the impact she would make.
Article By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams
Posted :10/8/2021