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Being Authentically You

I have a passion for life, and I love to create. I moved to Las Vegas during the pandemic. I realized that if the world were going to end, I’d better start living now.

I was so afraid to put myself out there to be viewed, out of fear of being criticized, rejected, or ignored by others.

I had to change my mind to, what if someone connects with me and is inspired by my gifts? So with that in mind, I started sharing my creations online, and now my poem is on The Stories We Tell (T.S.W.T.)

Poem- By: Jacqueline Boyd
Posted : 10/24/21

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Being a Woman Again

Everyone meet Chrissy Lee! I am a freelance writer and Cincinnati native who discovered my passion for writing very early on in life. Since about the age of nine, I have been freelance writing. I started writing for close friends and family and have greatly expanded my market. My work started out as custom poetry pieces for cards and obituaries and has now expanded to everything from resume writing to novels. In 2018, I started my own writing company operating under the name Just The Write Words, LLC. In the winter, I am planning to release my first novel of many, entitled Confessions of a Broken Single Black Girl. Some of my biggest influences were Nikki Giovanni, Lauryn Hill, Tupac Shakur, and Jay Z. My ultimate goal as a writer, as well as with everything I do is to inspire! I strive daily to use my experiences and my gifts to inspire others to create and exist in the best versions of themselves despite their circumstances or struggles!

Posted 9/20/21
By : Christen Figg

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My Future Love

Local Writer Cherish Smith was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. She cultivated her writing at an HBCU by the name of Wilberforce University. Cherish wants to touch people with her writing giving them a glimpse into her soul. She writes for all the women who have been through rough stages in their life. She also writes for her four beautiful children, for all the men who have had to be strong for far too long. for people who struggle day to day, but most importantly, she writes for herself.