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Woman of the Month: How I won my life back

Today we honor Brooke Van Paris. Her journey and fearless spirit show us no matter what curveballs life throws at you, if you never give up on yourself, you’re able to conquer just about anything you desire.

Article By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

Photos By: Larry Renner

Posted: 3/14/22

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Woman Of the Month: Chelsea Alford

This month we honor Chelsea Alford. Through her many careers, she provides a space for others in the community, giving them a place to be themselves.

Chelsea’s remarkable journey and strength show us what accurate determination and hard work look like.

Article By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

Posted: 2/15/22

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Our Woman of The Month Morgan Owens 

She adds sparkle everywhere she goes.

From Beauty Mogul to women’s empowerment, Morgan Owens has you covered with inspiration and motivation filled with love, light, and girl power.

Article By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

Photo by: Jehan LLC.

Posted: 1/14/22

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Our Fearless Woman of the Month: Novi Brown

With 2021 slowly coming to an end, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most authentic actresses in the world.

I am not only blessed but confident that after reading if you have doubts about your journey, you will be inspired and encouraged to walk into all that you are.

Article By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

Posted: 12/2/21

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Meet Cara Owsley

Director of Photography, Cincinnati, Ohio

Article By: Managing Editor Ciarra Williams

In Partnership with The Black Career Women’s Network

Posted : 11/1/2021

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Margie Serrato Encourages Others To Active Their Power

Margie Serrato inspires and encourages others to activate their power. She is living proof that stepping into your gift will guide you towards a journey filled with strength, resilience, and grace.
Article By:
Photo by: Margie Serrato
Posted: 10/15/21

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