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Margie Serrato Encourages Others To Active Their Power

By: Ciarra Willams

Margie Serrato inspires and encourages others to activate their power. She is living proof that stepping into your gift will guide you towards a journey filled with strength, resilience, and grace.

Inspired by her story, I interviewed her about the steps she had to take to find inner positivity, self-love, and happiness.

In her process of evolution, Margie had to accept her gifts so she could use them to help others gain the confidence needed to feel liberated and in tune with themselves.

Growing up was not always easy for Margie as she experienced abuse, rape, and trauma, but nothing could stop her from tapping into her calling.

She is a first-generation college student, a healer, and a spiritual doctor. To become all that she is, she had to grow through healing and have patience with herself and her journey. But then, she recalls a pivotal moment that changed her life forever.

After receiving years of negative comments and opinions of others at some point, she began to question herself on who she was and her leadership skills; going through this,

She realized being a leader and walking in her truth was just who she was, and questioning the inner strength and light that shines inside her was denying herself of that power.

“For some people, your strength triggers them, and for some people, your strength activates them.”


For Margie, she has learned How others interpret your energy is on them. They have to deal with their actions, whether positive or negative. It’s crucial to understand it’s not on you.

While going through her spiritual transformation and healing, she forgave herself and those who harmed her.

Being a victim of abuse, she had to find healing in her truth. On why certain things happened to her, she says:

“When someone hurts you; It’s about them and their own experiences, not you.”


Margie had to advocate for herself, so she created her business, hoping to teach others to find their inner strength, becoming a power coach.

Margie has always been interested in learning about people, hearing their pain, joy, and being with them in their emotions. She say’s

“If we don’t trust anyone or extend ourselves to have honest, transparent dialogue with people, we will never understand just how similar we are. Instead of seeing the value in shared humanity.”


My favorite takeaways from my conversation with Margie:

“You go through healing in stages.”


“Our capacity to believe in our self makes all the difference.”


Margie is a healer, warrior, and true inspiration, so it makes sense she is our Woman of the month for October. Margie, thank you for sharing your story and empowering us all.

For more information on her journey or to stay connected with her, follow her Instagram at

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