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Our Woman of The Month Morgan Owens 

She adds sparkle everywhere she goes. From Beauty Mogul to women’s empowerment, Morgan Owens has you covered with inspiration and motivation filled with love, light, and girl power.

With a background in Beauty and media, Morgan Owens amplifies the voice of Black women through everything she does. 

Noticing the need for Beauty within the black community, Morgan began to build her brand for women, especially black women providing representation in luxury.

Her mission has been to educate, empower, and elevate black women in the corporate world.

So we thought it would be great to celebrate a part of her journey here with The Stories We Tell. Our Editor  Ciarra Williams got the chance to sit down with Morgan to discuss her journey.

When did you start your business or brand?

The Morgan Brand turns seven or eight this year. The reason I started was to help minority women brand their businesses.

Coming from corporate, I was tired of being the only one in the conference room, and I got tired of thinking, why don’t we have anything for us.

After I began creating workshops providing resources for all women, specifically women of color.

Where did you get the idea from? 

I saw the need, and I wanted to provide tangible, authentic resources at an affordable rate.

What made you go into this field?

I have a corporate background in marketing and corporate communications. I saw the need for it, and I wanted to bring resources back to my community.

Everything I learned while in corporate communications I apply to my business.

Who are the people behind your business?

It’s Alex and me for the most part. For years it was just me. I made my website, and before Alex, I was my admin.

After you start growing and scaling a successful business, you add on help, but that takes time.

My hairstylist, Brittani, photographer, Terrance, and graphic designer, Briana, help make the magic happen as well.

It took about 4-5 years to grow the Morgan Brand into what it is today.

Where do you see your brand growing in the next year?

One of my goals is to be intentional.

I had a campaign in Paris. Which I loved

I am working on doing more Herald Beauty events and a book tour for my book “Finding My Sparkle.

I would also love to collaborate with more beauty or make-up brands.How do you navigate through the challenges of your career?

Honestly, by pushing through. As much success as I have gotten, there are still a lot of challenges. I have gone through like the 

“imposter syndrome.”

Entrepreneurship is isolating. As you grow, your circle gets smaller. 

You have to learn to weave out the bad energy. Sometimes people resent you for your success.

One challenge I have been working on is reaching out to friends and family more. 

I work and travel so much sometimes I have nothing to give.

Another challenge would be just working and doing influencer stuff. It’s not always steady. 

Sometimes I go weeks without work, and sometimes I get no, but I push through it and work through fear.

What would be your favorite part of what you do?

Honestly, I am living my wildest dreams. It is truly a blessing to live a life that I didn’t have the confidence to go after years ago. I struggled until I was about 27 with my confidence.

I always wanted to work in Beauty and used to want to be a beauty editor. Now I have created Hearld Beauty, and I get to do what I love.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

The glow-up is real.

The moment will not last forever.

Any advice for someone else?

Do it and start now whatever it is that you love. The biggest thing is starting; there will never be a perfect moment. 

You will always be in debt or not have enough followers but start.

 Also to be authentic. No one can do what you do. They have a similar idea but the execution will always be different.

I could give you my formula to success but you still would carry it out your own way.

What is your mantra for success?

Never take no for a final answer. No is just not yet.

Also, a no is a win, especially if they respond because you know they read your email. So for me, my job is to turn a no into a yes.

What can we expect from you in this upcoming new year?

A whole lot of sparkle.

Next year I plan to do a Hearld day of Beauty.

Curvy Cardio turns 9

Herald Beauty turns 1

 You can expect more beauty content and luxury skincare.

Morgan embodies what strength, hard work, and fearlessness are. Morgan, we honor you for creating an inclusive platform for women to be their authentic selves. 


For more information on Morgan, you can follow her blog online at or via Instagram @

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